Video Trends Conference 2018

02 January | admin


Pocketeers Alon and Mor from our Tel-Aviv office attended the Video Trends 2018 conference in Tel-Aviv. What are the key takeaways for 2018?

Video Trends conference 2018 in tel-aviv

Pocket Media’s reps from our Tel-Aviv office – Alon Reichman and Mor Goldring, attended the Video Trends 2018 conference in Tel-Aviv, end of December 2017. Over 600 representatives from over 100 companies took part in the conference, bringing together some of the most interesting partners in the industry.

On top of the networking and mingling activity, the conference hosted 5 interesting panels discussing relevant issues roaming the video industry, including the perfect mix between brands and technology, video trends for 2018, how fraud is changing the Ad-Tech ecosystem, the next steps for programmatic video, and more.

Our reps at the conference met with some existing and new partners, spread the word about Pocket Media’s new office in Tel-Aviv, and returned with some new deals and agreements on the way.

Key takeaways video trends conference 2018

Besides the new deals and leads – the discussions on and off the panels helped the attendees gain some new insights regarding the hot trends in the industry. No doubt that both the demand and supply partners are looking for a more direct, transparent and clear funnel of activity, on all formats and platforms. Budgets turned to video are increasing year by year – and are presumed to grow in 2018 as well. Alongside the consolidation and mergers of various companies in the ad-tech ecosystem, seems like additional companies start their own video activities as well, alongside their other fronts of activity.

what did Alon Reichman think of the video trends conference 2018?

Alon Reichman, heading Pocket Media’s Tel-Aviv office, commented on the conference: “It’s always great to attend relevant conventions and summits in this industry, meet old and new colleagues, reach out to some new strategic partners and discuss relevant opportunities together. On top of that – listening to the expert’s panels and hearing their thoughts about the industry’s buzzing topics – is always fascinating“.

Pocket Media is hoping to strengthen their grasp in the Video landscape and in the Israeli front as well. Having a local presence in Tel-Aviv (operating worldwide as well), is another strong step in that direction.

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