Mathijs Kortland is attending Affiliate World Asia

01 December | admin


Affiliate World Asia, the meeting place for the world's top affiliate and performance marketers.

Affiliate World Asia (Bangkok, Thailand) is the meeting place for the world’s top affiliate and performance marketers. It’s basically the meeting point of the affiliate industry elite – connecting the industry’s most successful marketers, biggest advertising and affiliate networks, and inspiring thought leaders, together in one place over three days. Read on to get to know Mathijs Kortland (Head of Publisher) who will be representing Pocket Media at Affiliate World Asia from December 6 – 8.

How would you explain mobile advertising to your parents?

I always try to keep it as simple as possible. Product owners or advertisers want to reach a certain crowd for their products. It’s like buying an advertising spot in a newspaper, but instead of a newspaper you buy the spot digitally.’

What is the core of your day-to-day activities?

‘Since Pocket Media is an agency, one of the most important components is relationship management with all partners. Building up good relationships will cause long-term partners who are willing to do something extra for you. Besides that I’m working on the performance based (so no cure- pay) side of Pocket Media so transparency is key to both Publishers (supply) and Advertisers (demand). Providing relevant information, such as user quality and real-time optimizations based on the incoming traffic, is extremely important to get the maximum results for the entire value chain.’

What do you want to achieve with Pocket Media’s Publisher department?

‘Since there’s a lot of competition in our industry it’s important to create something unique to stand out from the crowd. On one side there’s the internal knowledge where our employees need to know what’s going on in the industry (basically where the money is being made) and the need of our Publishers. On the other side it’s important to provide our Publisher full-service, so we’re aiming to have all campaigns in our portfolio our publishers ask for. This is mainly focused on the CPA, CPI and CPL model.’

 How excited are you to go to Thailand, Bangkok?

‘I’m really excited to go to Bangkok again! I’m a big fan of Asia and I try to go there as much as possible in my private time. Especially looking forward to the AWA this year, which is for me the biggest and most important event of the year. Last year was a great success and since a lot of business partners of Pocket Media are international it’s really nice to catch up face to face with (potential) partners and to hear the latest trends in the industry.’  

Where can we find you and your team at AWA Asia?

‘Pocket Media will attend with four people covering the verticals CPA, CPI and CPL. I will travel with my colleague Bobby Verlaat to the convention and Claire Mutsaerts and Jade Lee, two colleagues of our office in Singapore will join us over there. We will be walking around a lot, but most easy would be to visit our booth #A6.’  

If you want to book a meeting with Mathijs @AWA2017 you can reach him via email: