Pocket Media’s API-based
native ad solution. Featuring,
open source libraries that gives
the creative control back to you.

Our native ad solution

Our native ad solution is functional for applications
and mobile websites and the integration process is easy and fast.
With this solution you can easily place ads in your mobile
website or app, without losing the unique appearance of it.

We select the best
offers for your
100% customizableYour users will
love our brands
Large inventory
of offers

What can I customize?

100% customizable

We provide a spectrum of tools available for the publisher to build native ads. Our API-based integration is not a heavy SDK that involves precious tech time.

We offer you an endpoint; the API retrieves the campaign details and you pick the ad space and general style of our unique ad unit. You have full control of the process, and can use our open source libraries and sample apps to integrate and customize the ad unit faster.


Example images


Why is this platform different from others?
We offer you full access to the API, meaning you can use the data as you wish. We also offer you libraries to speed up your development time. Pocket provides transparency from the creative to the campaign level, in order to provide the best possible user experience.

How do you select the ads that will be served in my app?
Pocket has big data algorithms. Optimization is based on several key factors, including but not only: payout, conversion rate, estimated revenue, users habits, app popularity and many more.

What do the ads look like?
The esthetic of the campaign is up to you as the app/site owner. We provide libraries that will help match the theme of your site/app in order to integrate our Native Ad unit seamlessly into the UI.


How much can I make?
Average eCPMs vary based on geo, vertical and device type. In general, Tier 1 = $3-5$, Tier 2 =$1.50-$3 and Tier 3 = $.50-$1.5 . Currently we work on a performance based rev share model. Payment terms are Net30. Payment threshold is $500. Please note we are in Beta, and payment options can be negotiable.

How does the signup process work?
The first step is contacting us. Once the sign up process is complete, an account manager will be in touch.

If you have any technical questions, please click here to go to the technical documentation

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