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Bobby Verlaat #NewPocketeer

22 December | admin


Meet Bobby Verlaat, our brand new Sales Manager! How did he experienced his first week working for Pocket Media? Read all about it in this short Q&A.

What did you do before joining the Pocket Family?

Before I decided to join Pocket Media, I used to work for Grumbl Media. Basically Murat Kulekci, managing director at that time, introduced me to the concept ‘Affiliate Marketing’ when I was still a graduating student. In total I used to work almost two years for Grumbl. In these two years, I can say that I have extended my knowledge in Affiliate Marketing at a rapid pace and learned a lot new things in this field. That is also one of the main reasons why I am so sure that Pocket Media can offer me what I need. A bright future is awaiting me at Pocket Media.

What will be your new role at Pocket and what do you want to accomplish in the upcoming months?

As of two weeks ago, I started as a Sales Manager on the non-incent side of the company together with Mathijs Kortland. I will be focusing on mobile content, lead generation, credit card submits and casino campaigns. Our plan for the upcoming months is to tap into new verticals such as binary/finance, nutra and e-commerce. When it comes to my own plan, I want to prove myself as a worthy Sales Manager for the company. Up to now, it brought me to the conference in Bangkok and gave me enough room to grow and develop. Next to these points, I feel that I can contribute in bringing Pocket Media to the next level in regards to the mentioned verticals and on upcoming conferences.

How was the start of your first week at Pocket Media?

I couldn’t wish for a better start in a new company. My first day was on 1st of December (Friday) in which I got a brief introduction to the team, my role and some general things towards the conference in Bangkok. After a productive Friday, it was time to prepare for the conference on Saturday and Sunday as I had to catch my flight on Monday 6 PM. When Mathijs and I arrived on Tuesday morning, we had the day off for some relaxation and beers in the afternoon and later that day the other Pocketeers, Claire Mutsaerts and Jade Lee, joined for dinner. The next day, the conference kicked off and ended on Thursday. As you can imagine, a lot of parties and fun with the Pocket team and partners. After a very interesting and productive conference, I had to head back to the beautiful weather in Amsterdam… (ugh). When I look back at my first week at Pocket Media, I would say – the best first week in a new company so far!

How important is attending a conference like Awasia for the business?

Attending a conference such as AWA in Bangkok is definitely of high importance for the company. I am highly convinced that AWA is the perfect place to meet up face to face again with your existing partners and attract valuable business relationships in order to achieve the revenues you have been waiting for. Also, it is in this industry almost a ‘standard’ to show your face to ensure trust and security towards (new) partners.

Whatever happened in Bangkok stays in Bangkok?

I totally agree on this point. The whole story has been written from my cell in Bangkok on paper and sent back to Amsterdam.


If you want to make a flying career start just like Bobby, please see our career page. We are hiring!