Arina talks about CPA and Las Vegas Summit

30 January | admin


Meet Arina, our account manager on the cost per action team. She tells you more about CPA and what happened during the Las Vegas Summit 2018.

How did you end up working for Pocket Media?

I first came to Pocket Media about two years ago, while looking for a final internship to complete my course in International Business and Management Studies. I was initially hired as an intern on the Sales team and, after six months, I was offered a full-time contract on the cost per acquisition (CPA) team. Most of the things I know about affiliate marketing I learned here with the help of the other Pocketeers!

What do you like about working for Pocket Media?
As it’s a scale-up, Pocket Media is an amazing company in which to start your career. The company already has many talented and experienced employees, who are willing to help with anything you may need professionally – as well as emotionally! The work at Pocket Media is always challenging since there are so many projects you can work on. If anyone asks for a new challenge, Pocket will make sure to give you one!

Can you explain CPA to us?
I am often trying to explain the CPA business to my family, but it’s always really difficult! CPA is an online payment model where an action must be made to get a conversion. At Pocket Media, we are mainly focusing on the mobile content part of the CPA business. So, to get a conversion, the user would need to subscribe to one of our direct advertisers’ services such as games, sweepstakes and popular singers’ music or videos.

What are your responsibilities as an account manager for the CPA team?
Well, everything apart from actual payment transactions to clients. We contact advertisers and publishers who we want to work with, make the integration, talk business and, finally, make friends with them! Account managers talk to many different clients every day, which causes some level of stress since we all have different personalities. However, we make sure it is always fun and we enjoy it to the fullest. Sometimes we do relax with a glass or two of wine after a long day at work!

What was the purpose of your recent trip to Las Vegas?
Founder and CEO Benjamin Pomerantz, Director of Mobile Entertainment Jochem Gratama, and I went to Las Vegas in early January for the Affiliate Summit West. It was a great experience since it was my first time not only in Vegas but also in the United States. The main purpose of the trip was to meet our current advertisers and publishers, who mostly live abroad, so we usually only get a chance to meet each other at conventions. We also went there to make new connections and partnerships. This convention in Las Vegas is one of the most important ones for Pocket Media since we spend valuable face-to-face time with our partners and attract new clients, increasing our revenue.

And did you visit any casinos or get secretly married while in Vegas?

Well, there is a saying: “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”, right? I read the interview with our newbie sales manager, Bobby Verlaat, who agreed with one of your comments about “What happens in Bangkok stays in Bangkok”. I’d suggest changing this into: “What happens at the convention stays at the convention”! But, yes, I definitely gambled in Las Vegas and enjoyed it a lot!

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