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We believe a long term partnership can only be made when there is communication. Your dedicated account manager will be servicing you with every step, from launching a mobile offer until optimizing towards the best ARPU.

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With almost a decade of experience in performance based marketing, we know what your main KPI is: ROI. Matching traffic sources which bring in qualitative users, is our key focus. We will also be advising you on landing page optimizations for better performance, as a part of our service.

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Pocket Media shares its information with you, in order to grow together. We inform you of our exact placements per conversion, in order to reach your goals in the most effective way.

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Our specific targeting is possible due to a sophisticated in-house built platform. That contains proprietary technology on (re)targeting, optimization and reporting.

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With our fraud-technology, we are actively searching and trying to prevent fraud to be active on your marketing campaigns. With our inhouse technology and our dedicated fraud control specialists we are on top of it.

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We optimize on LTV, ARPU & many other data points that we decide together with you.

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You can choose your type of mobile traffic; display, search, social, in-app & network. Always a match.

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We acquire users on cpm, cpc, cpl, cpi and cpa and also report from cpm to cpa in one reporting.

Trading desk

Sick of paying to much on a DSP and not getting the volumes and prices you need?

Talk to our trading desk team and they can help you.
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    We buy for many brands on display and video on the large exchanges
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    20-50% lower prices compared to DSP’s.
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    Look-a-like and retargeting possibilities
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    Worldwide coverage

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Traffic facts

Time for some real live facts about pocket media:

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Our technology

Advertisers / Publishers
Pocket Media’s proprietary technology consists of a (1) DMP. Via Data collection we (2) optimize our advertiser campaigns on click and (post) install data that is connected to our (3) publishers rating tool to ensure best quality traffic. We filter out Fraudulent traffic via our proprietary (4) fraud detection tool to keep the traffic clean.

Pocket Media offers a (5) native ad solution in order to monetize mobile web and in- app traffic. Data is sourced via our DMP and applies self learning algorithms. Based on open libraries we avoid black box SDK’s. All to be tracked via a smooth
(6) real-time User Interface

User interface
1. DMP
2. Optimize on click and (post) install data
3. Publishers rating tool
4. Fraud detection tool
5. Native ad solution
6. Real-time User Interface

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