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Pocket Media (Amsterdam, 2012) is a Mobile Media Agency, specialized in Mobile Display and Video Advertising. With an international team of mobile experts, we advise our clients on mobile strategy, implementation and optimisation. Our many years of experience in Performance Based Advertising is the starting point of our 4 verticals: App InstallsTrading Desk, Native Ad Solution and Mobile Entertainment.

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Benjamin Pomerantz Benjamin Pomerantz
Benjamin Pomerantz
Founder / CEO
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Amsterdam white

Benjamin has a bachelor’s and master’s degree in marketing and communication from the University of Amsterdam. His first experience with online advertising was at mobile gaming company. It turned out he was pretty good at it, and soon he was developing new mobile advertising strategies for the company. Having always been a frontrunner, Benjamin started his own company as soon as the time was right. A true entrepreneur, Benjamin is always looking for that gap in the market invisible to others, and nurturing the special relationships he’s built up over the years.

When he’s not working, you’ll find Benjamin in the mountains, where he tries to clear his mind to make space for new ideas while freeskiing.

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Maria de la Puente Maria de la Puente
Maria de la Puente
Senior Sales Manager
Display Maria de la Puente
Amsterdam white

María studied Spanish Philology at the University of Oviedo and also has a master’s degree in Marketing and Communication from the ESIC Business & Marketing School in Madrid.

Having worked in the PR and marketing departments of renowned companies such as the publisher El País, the Oscar Niemeyer International Cultural Centre and Bureau Veritas, she opted to step over into the mobile world. María then spent almost three years at TAPTAP Networks, the most important premium mobile advertising company in Spain, helping the media agency improve its clients’ mobile strategies. And as she enjoys fresh challenges, she decided to leave behind sunny Madrid, moved to Amsterdam, bought a bike and joined the Pocket Media team as a Sales Manager.

While María happily describes herself as a “bit of a technology freak”, she also loves the arts, skiing and travelling around the globe.

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Jochem Gratama Jochem Gratama
Jochem Gratama
Director Mobile Entertainment
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Amsterdam white

Jochem has a bachelor’s degree in commerce from the University of Haarlem. His first commercial experience was working as an account manager for Porsche. In 2006 he started working for one of the largest mobile content advertisers, where he gained many years of experience in mobile media. During this time, Jochem was based in Canada for two years, where he optimised the ROI for mobile products and was responsible for attaining many of the company’s commercial goals.
At Pocket Media Jochem leads the salesteam, which is responsible for the day-to-day account management of all the advertisers and publishers. Jochem has a hands-on mentality and is the person to get in touch with for getting your offers promoted and for monetising your traffic.

In his spare time you’ll often find Jochem at a racetrack, where he loves to race classic cars.

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Mathijs Kortland Mathijs Kortland
Mathijs Kortland
Head of Publisher, Display
Display Mathijs Kortland
Amsterdam white

Mathijs graduated with a bachelor’s degree in sports and entertainment marketing – combining two of his major interests. Since he was a little boy, Mathijs’ life has been dominated by football, an interest that goes way beyond the realms of ‘hobby’. Realising that he will (probably) never play for the mighty Orange, Mathijs has built his career in the entertainment industry instead. Responsible for the sales and marketing at a multimedia magazine, he picked up the necessary skills to become a dedicated account manager. Within this industry, Mathijs discovered the future of mobile advertising and was happy to join Pocket Media, where he is now a true teamplayer within the Pocket sales team.

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Bart Bruins Bart Bruins
Bart Bruins
Display Bart Bruins
Amsterdam white

Bart earned a master’s degree in Economics from the University of Groningen and also has a post-master’s degree in Auditing. He started out his career at Deloitte as an auditor before switching to the mobile gaming industry. Here he was responsible for finance, HR and business control. this adventure ended with a succesful I.P.O.

Bart opted to go travelling around the Asia-Pacific region, resulting in some interesting consultancy work for a growing ‘daily deal’ company and a peer-to-peer lending club in Sydney. As such, he lingered longer in Australia than initially planned. But as of summer 2013, Bart is back in Amsterdam and became the CFO and General Manager

When Bart isn’t working, you can typically find him running or playing tennis, or sharing beers with friends.

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Claire Mutsaerts Claire Mutsaerts
Claire Mutsaerts
Senior Sales Manager
Display Claire Mutsaerts
Amsterdam white

Claire studied media and culture at the University of Amsterdam. From the beginning she had an interest in media and society, which sent her to Rotterdam to get her master’s degree in media and journalism. During this time Claire enjoyed learning how to make movies,newspapers, write reviews and research both traditional and online journalism. She eventually opted for the online and mobile world (smart girl!), and was delighted to find Pocket Media. She is now participating in, and learning more about the different aspects of mobile advertising, from sales to social media.

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Andrea Flogelova Andrea Flogelova
Andrea Flogelova
PHP Developer
Display Andrea Flogelova
Amsterdam white

Andrea got her bachelor’s degree in Management of Tourism at University of Hradec Králové in Czech Republic. After she moved to Madrid in 2004 she decided to change her career and started to study Application Development. Since then she works as a web developer.
While living in Madrid Andrea developed her programming skills working for Ondata Intenational a company specialized on data recovery and also developing web components for banking sector applications and ATM’s at ISBAN. In 2013 she decided to move to Amsterdam where she started to develop web sites for an online gaming company named Perfect World, during that year she felled in love with the city of Amsterdam and decided to stay.
At the moment she is happy as a PHP developer forming a part of the Pocket Media Tech Team.

In her spare time she likes to keep active, her passion is climbing and travelling but she loves as well to try out all kind of fun sports especially the water ones.

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Genevieve Finck Genevieve Finck
Genevieve Finck
Director App Installs
Display Genevieve Finck
Amsterdam white

Genevieve got her Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication and Marketing from the Fashion Institute of Technology. After several years of working for Nielsen in the field of television market research , Genevieve moved to San Francisco in 2006. This is where she started her career in online and mobile advertising working for several start-ups and eventually for Opera Mediaworks.

She now lives in Amsterdam working with Pocket Media. She learning how to ride her bike with confidence and travelling.

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Hudson Hudson
Display Hudson
Amsterdam white

Hudson is originally from Connecticut, where she spent her first couple of months playing with her 8 brothers and sisters. When she was 2 months old, she relocated to New York City with her parents Benjamin and Celeste, where she has quickly acclimated to the fast-paced city life. Hudson recently graduated from School For The Dogs in the East Village area of New York, where she earned top honors in her graduating class. After graduating, Hudson joined the Pocket Media NYC team, where she is responsible for keeping the day fun and interesting by playing with her toys, sitting on the CEO’s lap as he works, and stealing anything off the tables she is able to reach. She is also currently working hard on stay, roll over, and perfecting her fetch skills.

When she isn’t hanging out in the office or training to master her next trick, Hudson enjoys swimming at the dog beach in Prospect Park, running along the East River, and visiting various dog parks across NYC. To stay up to date on Hudson’s adventures throughout New York City, follow her on Instagram

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Tal Burdman Tal Burdman
Tal Burdman
Team Lead New Publishers
Display Tal Burdman
Amsterdam white

Tal was born in Argentina and moved to Israel at the age of 22 to study Government and Conflict Resolution at IDC Herzeliya. He got into the online marketing world by chance, when started to work as an account manager for the Spanish market in an online casino and quickly switched to SEO for one of the top gambling sites in the world.

After 4 years he decided to get into affiliate marketing as an account manager on a video network first, and then in a mobile marketing agency.

In 2013 Tal moved to Spain to get his Master’s Degree in Online Marketing from Madrid School of Marketing, while working as an affiliate manager for an Israeli performance ad network.
After two years in Madrid, Tal joined Pocket’s Publisher Team for Mobile Content in the Amsterdam office, bringing with him more than 10 years of experience in online marketing.

In his free time he loves to travel, watch movies and try different restaurants around the city.

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Errol Jacobs Errol Jacobs
Errol Jacobs
Ad Operations Manager
Display Errol Jacobs
Amsterdam white

Errol born and raised on the island of Curaçao moved to the Netherlands to pursue a master in Marketing Management degree which he obtained at the University of Tilburg in 2013. Fresh out of the university, Errol’s first professional experience was as a Marketing Assistant working specifically on a ‘migration project’ at a well-known telecom provider in the Netherlands. After successfully completing this project, Errol’s interests gravitated more towards online/mobile analytics which lead to him to join Pocket Media as being jointly responsible for Ad operations. Striving to perfect his Ad ops’ skills and improving campaign performance, the unpredictable nature of mobile advertising and the international environment at Pocket Media is what keeps Errol focused and excited about his job.

When he is not being a workaholic, Errol escapes the boundaries of time by reading, playing the piano, working out, exploring nature and occasionally enjoying dinner and a movie with family and friends.

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Adrián Moreno Peña Adrián Moreno Peña
Adrián Moreno Peña
Display Adrián Moreno Peña
Amsterdam white

Adrián studied Computer Engineering in Santiago de Compostela, his adoptive hometown in Galicia, North-West of Spain. He also holds a Master’s Degree in Projects Management, also by the University of Santiago de Compostela.

After he graduated he joined local development companies, mostly working in projects for bigger clients such as the government, banks, or Inditex. After a while he got interested into mobile development and started a mobile development agency, so he left his work to work his own company. After some years working on his own, he discovered the beautiful city of Amsterdam in a summer trip, and some months later he moved to the city (including his cat), to switch the car for the bike.

When he’s not at work he enjoys playing sports, biking around the country, discovering some new places to have a drink or dinner, or cooking at home. He also loves messing around with technology - very convenient for a CTO - or video games.

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Katie Holland Katie Holland
Katie Holland
Finance Assistant
Display Katie Holland
Amsterdam white

Katie originally started studying Travel & Tourism at college in Sheffield, England. She then realised that she would like to try something new. This is when she went into administration working full time whilst studying part time alongside this. Katie’s position then grew in the accounting area and she continued studying part time towards the ACCA (HBO) at Sheffield Hallam University.
She then had an opportunity to move to Amsterdam, so she decided to take the risk and move from the city that she had lived in all her life and here is where she found her place at Pocket Media 

When Katie is not working she loves to travel, play netball and dance the night away with friends

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Nathalie van Oord Nathalie van Oord
Nathalie van Oord
Finance Manager
Display Nathalie van Oord
Amsterdam white

Nathalie has a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from Avans Hogeschool Breda. She did her study part time, in combination with a full time job at two different accounting firms.
After 7 years of working in a corporate environment in the south of Holland, the time came for a new challenge and a change of scenery.
She found the perfect job opening at Pocket Media, moved to Amsterdam and has been part of the energetic and young mobile advertising family ever since.

When she is not working, you’ll find Nathalie in the city, meeting up with friends and family, dancing and enjoying the beautiful life in Amsterdam.

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Irene Hilhorst Irene Hilhorst
Irene Hilhorst
Office Manager
Display Irene Hilhorst
Amsterdam white

Irene is born and raised in Amsterdam. She has three kids and lives in the centre. She has worked in the administration, as a sales person in merchandise and as a waitress in the construction industry.
If she is not at work she is reading a book, she likes to hike, listen to music and cooking!
Irene is the lunch lady at Pocket Media, and prepares delicious food for us!

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Ashley Carrow Ashley Carrow
Ashley Carrow
Senior Publisher Manager
Display Ashley Carrow
Amsterdam white

Born and raised in Syracuse, NY and having graduated with a B.A. in Communication Studies from Canisius College, Ashley spent a few years in fundraising & development before making what seemed like a big move to Durham, NC. There is where she unexpectedly landed and found her niche in the world of mobile ad tech with Appia, now Digital Turbine. Four years later, she and her dog flew across the Atlantic for the first time to join the Pocket Media team in Amsterdam. Always having been driven by adventure, experience, and adrenaline, it was a relatively easy decision!

In her free time, you’re likely to find Ashley exploring Amsterdam with her dog, Banksy, dancing with her hula hoops or studying Bikram yoga.

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Arina Ilko Arina Ilko
Arina Ilko
Sales Manager
Display Arina Ilko
Amsterdam white

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Emma van der Schraaf Emma van der Schraaf
Emma van der Schraaf
Sales Manager
Display Emma van der Schraaf
Amsterdam white

Emma has studied and worked in The Netherlands and the United States. Even now she sometimes works "US hours". Emma started working in affiliate marketing in 2011 and has worked on the publisher and advertiser side. In 2016 she joined the team at Pocket Media.

Emma loves riding horses and dancing. She used to only love just eating food but now she also enjoys cooking it. Emma aspires to speak Spanish fluently and learn how to dance salsa. Small warning: Emma has 5 brothers so don’t mess with her!

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Ciska Hoozemans Ciska Hoozemans
Ciska Hoozemans
Pr/Marketing Manager
Display Ciska Hoozemans
Amsterdam white

Born in Indonesia and raised in The Netherlands, Ciska has a Master in Communications, Organisation and Management (COM) at the Vrije University (VU) in Amsterdam. She started her career working in the performing arts industry, where she did PR for many known Dutch artists and performers. She started working in the online world 4 years ago and end of 2016 she joined the team at Pocket Media.

Ciska is a ‘Noorderling’, which means she lives in the upcoming Northern part of Amsterdam. She loves the arts; visiting art galleries, vintage markets, musea, festivals, films and concerts.  

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Em K. Em K.
Em K.
Account Manager Asia
Display Em K.
Amsterdam white

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Ruba Zeibak Ruba Zeibak
Ruba Zeibak
Back-End Developer
Display Ruba Zeibak
Amsterdam white

Ruba was born and raised in Nazareth, Israel. She has a B.Sc in Biomedical Engineering from the Technion - Israel's Institute of Technology. She started her journey in the mobile advertisement world as a quality engineer in Tel-Aviv and progressed into software development soon after. 3 years later she decided to give up the sun and move to Amsterdam for her new journey in PocketMedia as a software developer.

When she's not working, Ruba likes traveling, exploring new places and hanging out with friends and family.

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Bjorn Mooijekind Bjorn Mooijekind
Bjorn Mooijekind
VP of Engineering
Display Bjorn Mooijekind
Amsterdam white

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Anya Li Anya Li
Anya Li
Director of Sales Asia
Display Anya Li
Amsterdam white

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Gulce Senol Gulce Senol
Gulce Senol
Sales Manager
Display Gulce Senol
Amsterdam white

Gulce is from Izmir, Turkey. She went to Istanbul for law school which she enjoyed, but moved to Europe in 2014 for a new adventure at Radboud University Nijmegen for a master's degree in European law. After taking six months to explore the beauty of the Netherlands, she discovered an interest in the ever-evolving mobile industry and joined Pocket Media's app install team in June 2016.
In her free time, she likes to meet with friends, taking long walks with her dog and reading mostly world and Turkish classics.

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